Cart Abandonment Solutions Vary – Here’s What to Look For.

There are several reasons people abandon their shopping carts. Maybe the shipping cost was too high or your website ran too slow (see more in Shopping Cart Abandonment Reasons).

By analyzing these factors, shopper behavior, your checkout process and other metrics you can find the appropriate cart abandonment solutions and reduce lost sales.

Keep in mind though, since there are so many factors (see more in Cart Abandonment Statistics) there are no simple fixes. It’s crucial to do your due diligence, find out where in the transaction customers are leaving your site and how you can make the process more efficient.

Cart Abandonment Solutions – Quick Tips

Your website’s purchasing and checkout process should be as easy and convenient as possible. And here’s a few more cart abandonment solutions to consider:

  • If a customer makes a mistake while entering info make sure it’s easy to see where the error occurs (use a red ! alert icon or other notification) so the customer can fix it.
  • Have a clear, concise Call to Action (CTA). Keep these simple: “Add to Cart”, “Checkout Now”, etc. And make sure it’s positioned properly on your webpage – don’t make customers search for it.
  • Ask your best customers for testimonials. Include these comments on the product pages and, if possible, on screen after customers put products in their cart to hold their interest in the product.
  • Show a progress bar or graphic that displays the steps to a finished check-out.
  • Offer help – many people leave their cart because they have questions about the product. Offer them help in the form of phone, email, live chat or chatbot.
  • Add a stock level alert – “Only 3 left!” – to drive a sense of urgency and entice people to add products to their carts and hopefully complete the purchase.
  • Have an easy, convenient return policy. Several studies have shown online return policies are directly related to an increase in sales.

For more tips see:

Cart Abandonment Solutions – Bring Customers Back

Use Email Retargeting and Re-engagement Strategies

Two great ways to bring customers back are email retargeting and re-engagement campaigns. Both remind customers about their visit to your website and that they left something in their cart.

Sending customers reminder emails – “Forget something? We noticed you left some great items in your shopping cart!” – is a great way to get them to come back to your site and finish the sale.

These emails can also be used to highlight similar products. You can add an “Other Items You Might Like” message with images of those products.

If your first reminder email doesn’t work, send a second reminder with a special offer: “Would Free Shipping Seal the Deal?” You could also offer a discount coupon.

There are several strategies you can use with email retargeting. You don’t have to offer free shipping with the second reminder but instead can add a sense of urgency.

Tell the customer the items will be removed from their cart in x number of hours if they don’t return to your website and complete the purchase.

If that doesn’t work you can offer something like free shipping or a discount in the next email. And, you’ll definitely want to send more than one reminder. A study conducted by email mavens Return Path showed that:

  • When a company sent a second cart reminder it saw a 50% increase in revenue from abandoned carts compared to the first sent email
  • When a third message was sent, revenue increased by 56% versus just sending one email

Cart Abandonment Emails versus Marketing Emails

SaleCycle’s 2018 Q1 Remarketing Report shows cart abandonment emails outperforming marketing emails in terms of open rate, click-through rate and click to open ratio.

Cart Abandonment Emails

  • Open Rate: 48%
  • Click-Through Rate: 6.5%
  • Click to Open Ratio: 25.7%

Marketing Emails

  • Open Rate: 22.8%
  • Click-Through Rate: 3.4%
  • Click to Open Ratio: 15.2%

Web Interceptor™ – Finding Abandoners and Reminding Them

Some of the best marketing strategies use more than one channel to reach your target audience. Take 5 Media Group’s Web Interceptor was designed to reduce shopping cart abandonment and uses a truly omni-channel approach.

“Web Interceptor does it via email, social media, targeted display ads, banner ads and videos. It uses multiple channels, which makes it so powerful,” said Eva Hodgens, vice president of fulfillment at Take 5 Media Group.

By using our massive consumer information database (that includes over 167MM double opt-in email addresses) and online advertising platforms you can reach customers who visited your website, put something in their cart but never finished the sale.

Web Interceptor also lets you get the most out of your site traffic. By analyzing your website visitors, it shows who left your site and didn’t provide any contact information. Web Interceptor then lets you re-engage those consumers across several channels and bring them back to your site to shop.

How Web Interceptor Works with Social Media

With people spending several hours per day on social media, you’ll definitely want to send them reminders on these popular channels.

  • Take 5 captures traffic from the client’s website – including abandoners – and that traffic data is matched to Take 5’s consumer info database.
  • This new data is then used in social media retargeting campaigns and gets injected into social platforms to match to people who’ve left your website.
  • An ad is then served to those people, reminding them they’ve left products in their carts.

“What sets Web Interceptor apart is the fact that we’re able to tie it into an individual – the exact individual who was on your website that you lost. We’re able to tie that back into our data,” said Michael Boy, director of fulfillment at Take 5 Media Group.

“The current methods with retargeting is cookie-based so you don’t really know who that user is and we’re able to actually identify that user so that’s a huge step forward for all of our clients,” Boy noted.

Web Interceptor – targeting customers who’ve abandoned their carts:

cart abandonment solutions


Web Interceptor, Email and TDA

Besides social media, Web Interceptor also re-engages customers with email. It uses customized email campaigns to send reminders and drive people back to your site and, if you want to, you can also offer deals to entice the customer to come back and complete the purchase.

Using Targeted Display Advertising (TDA) we show ads to these customers, after they leave your website, while they’re browsing online on any device. We can also target them with a direct mail campaign.

Once we see how they behave, and what they respond to (email, banner or social ad, etc.), we can refine the campaign and use the channel that gets the best results.

You won’t recover every lost sale due to cart abandonment but with the proper strategy and digital marketing partner you’ll definitely win back plenty of sales – and possibly new and repeat customers.

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