Facebook Custom Audience Is Perfect for First-Party Data.

On October 1, 2018, Facebook shut down its Partner Categories – third-party consumer data and targeting offered to advertisers. For digital marketers advertising on the social media giant this was a huge loss of consumer information – but don’t worry, you can still create a highly-targeted Facebook Custom Audience.

According to Marketing Land, “Just about half of Facebook’s 1,200 targeting criteria come from third-party data sources.” The article notes consumer info being eliminated includes “behavioral targeting parameters such as purchasing, in-market audiences and more.”

Some of that “more” includes an important piece of data – household income.

While Facebook still knows what its users liked and clicked on, it now lacks valuable consumer intent, info and behavioral data – people getting ready to move, newlyweds, new parents, etc. – the type of in-depth data Take 5 Media Group has been gathering and refining since its founding in 2003.

How to Deal with the Post-Partner Categories World:

Save Data from Your Partner Categories Campaigns

  • Note how consumers reacted to these campaigns, not only in terms of clicks but also their likes, shares and comments. This feedback will help you adjust current marketing strategies and plan future campaigns.

Document Your Data Sources

  • New to Facebook’s Custom Audiences is a drop-down menu that asks you to verify the source of your data. Facebook is now putting more responsibility on advertisers to disclose where their consumer info comes from (e.g., collected directly, from an agency or data provider). Facebook also wants to make sure advertisers get the proper consent from consumers you want to include in marketing efforts.

Use First-Party Data with Your Facebook Custom Audience

  • Using accurate, first-party data with your Facebook Custom Audience is a great way to reach consumers, especially if they’ve opted-in, given consent and want to hear from you. Take 5 Media Group compiles first-party data and uses a proprietary, double opt-in process to obtain consumer consent and verify email and other selected consumer information.

Take 5 Outperforms Facebook’s Detailed Targeting

If you’re setting up a Facebook ad and only have Facebook’s Detailed Targeting (likes, interests and what someone willingly provided) Take 5 can greatly improve your targeting with household income data, who’s in the market for a new car and other lifestyle and demographic data.

Recent Take 5 clients’ Facebook and Instagram campaigns showed Take 5 data outperformed Facebook’s Detailed Targeting on both channels:

First-Party Data Increases Sales and ROI

First-Party Data Fills the Void

Now that Facebook has removed third-party data, leaving advertisers with likes and interests, you can still create a highly-targeted Facebook Custom Audience – with first-party data.

In-depth, first-party data is accurate and lets you target an exact person, as opposed to a select, when advertising on Facebook.

Take 5 Media Group Has the Trifecta of Consumer Information:

  • Deterministic data that includes consumers’ names, email and postal addresses and more
  • Highly-responsive audiences based on demographic and lifestyle factors that are great for creating lookalike audiences
  • Transactional data – people who’ve responded to our email and digital campaigns and the info we get from the openers and responders

This data performs much better than probabilistic info since we’re adding the human element with our data overlays – people in the market for a new car or home, expecting parents, students going off to college, empty nesters and more.

Other Applications and Data Confidence

First-party data is also perfect for several other digital marketing efforts including email, geo-fencing and display ad retargeting. First-party data is extremely relevant and you know its source (see more on this in First-Party Data Increases Sales and ROI).

Marketers aren’t showing much confidence in third-party data. A survey conducted by AdAge shows that “more than 75% of survey respondents admitted they are not fully confident that the data they’re utilizing is hitting consumers who are in-market to buy. Additionally, 65% of respondents claimed they do not fully understand the origin of their data sources.”

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Take 5 Media Group – First-Party Data and Audience-Building Experts

Take 5 is a first-party, consumer data provider. We offer a variety of audience segments based on demographics, purchase intent, lifestyle changes and more. Our segments are completely transparent, allowing insight into how your audiences are built.

You also get transparency in cost and will see how data costs fit in your overall advertising buy and budget (Partner Categories did not show this).

We’re also an in-house DSP and can deliver your message to highly-targeted audiences several ways: email, social media and display ad retargeting, geo-fencing, Web Interceptor™ and direct mail.

To find out more, call Take 5 Media Group, Boca Raton, Florida, 561-819-5555, New York at 917-201-7451, or visit our website at Take5mg.com.