Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Customer Relationships

As technology continues to transform our lives at lightning speed, we’ve entered an era in which companies can manage the customer experience by providing goods and services in a more predictive and intuitive way than ever before. The driver of this new order is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which enables companies to get closer to their customers, design hyper-personalized experiences, and deliver relevant customer engagement in real time, thus meeting customer expectations for smarter interactions, and tailored, relevant experiences.

People – and their devices – are all connected, making data available essentially everywhere.  Because there is a customer behind every interaction, device and product, AI offers companies the opportunity to provide consumer experiences and offers that are relevant to their lives. For example, AI can study the data from sales, e-commerce activity, emails and social media, find relevant patterns and insights, and make company-specific recommendations.

Analyzing data at a rate humans cannot match, AI embedded into commerce and customer relationship management (CRM) continually creates new possibilities for customer engagement and retention.  With amazing efficiency, companies can make use of details that may have been overlooked before due to the large staffing requirement to process it all.

The predictive potential of AI is particularly noteworthy.  It provides the ability to predictively sort products based on the information from a particular shopper’s browsing habits, to auto-complete that shopper’s search terms, and to return relevant search results.  AI can analyze everything from a customer’s past purchases to current weather conditions to inform its decisions on what products to promote.

AI also can streamline outbound marketing by analyzing the data customers have provided to develop curated prospect lists, plan campaigns, and send follow-up emails at optimal times.  Based on this intelligence, emails and newsletters can be more targeted and relevant to the specific customer.  Amazon, for example, the  leader in online commerce, uses purchasing history and products browsed to send trigger emails and ads with offers to its customers.

Another great benefit of AI is its potential for improving and expediting customer service communication, which otherwise can be a source of great frustration for consumers.  AI chatbots can engage and converse with customers directly, freeing up the time required for routine customer support and allowing more time to address more complex and serious customer issues quickly.  The communication thus can be more authentic, with human conversations making use of relevant information, past communication and purchasing history, thus giving a better understanding of the customer’s unique situation and needs.

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