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A Display Ad and Social Media Retargeting Strategy Boosts Your Brand

While we’ve focused on email in this guide, some of the best and most effective marketing strategies use more than one channel. So, if you’re looking for a bigger ROI and to reach more customers try an email retargeting strategy with social media and display ads.

One of the biggest benefits of using a retargeting strategy is that it puts your brand back out there, on a person’s browser or social media feed, and reminds them about your products and services.

“Anybody who goes to their favorite blog or news site will be retargeted with your ad,” said Michael Boy, Take 5 Media Group’s Director of Production.

No Opens or Clicks – No Problem

Take 5 doesn’t need email recipients to open or click on anything in the email to retarget them. “Traditional email to display ad retargeting is based on an action with the email,” Boy said. “But you have an increased audience pool if you’re not doing action-based retargeting, which is a huge advantage. We want to make sure our email recipients don’t miss out on any channel regardless of action.”

Boy added that, “if email open rates are, say 17%, and we want to retarget just the openers there’s 83% of users who will not see the message. We want them to see the message regardless of what they do with the email.”

Retargeting also makes your company look bigger, and like it’s spending more advertising money than it actually is, since customers see your ads everywhere, on desktops and mobile devices.

“Just because someone didn’t open or click on an email doesn’t mean they’re not interested in your brand or message. If they missed it in an email, show them your ad on display or social media and cast a wider net,” said Boy.

How Email and Display Ad Retargeting Works

Email retargeting works by putting a line of code in your email’s signature or HTML. Then, when someone opens your email a cookie is dropped into his or her browser.

When that person goes to other websites your ad will be shown to them, keeping your brand in front of them. You have some flexibility and can set this up several ways, including having the ad shown after a predetermined amount of time (e.g., one day after the email was opened, three days, etc.).

Social Media Retargeting

In June of 2018 Instagram reached a milestone: 1 billion monthly active users. The photo-sharing app also has over 500 million daily active users. Facebook has big numbers too, with nearly 1.47 billion daily users.

And with people spending on average at least two hours on social media every day, that’s a lot of potential customers. A social media retargeting campaign is a great way to reach all of these consumers.

Cookies are also used with this type of retargeting. When your cookied, email opener signs on to Facebook or Instagram your retargeting partner is alerted. That person is then served your ad in their social media feed.

Email and Display Ad Retargeting in Action

Take 5 targeted, for a major, nationwide grocery retailer, 500,000 consumers who shopped for specific brands. Two separate email deployments were sent to the same target audience in Miami, Chicago, Houston, San Antonio, Phoenix and Los Angeles.

  • Each deployment sent 500,000 emails. For the display ad campaign, 1.2 million impressions were served to the email responders for a 30-day period.
  • Both email deployments achieved click-through rates of over 3%. Over 50,000 targeted visitors were driven to the retailer’s landing pages during the campaign, resulting in a measured sales lift of over 20% for the products promoted within the regional, targeted areas.

Email and Social Media Retargeting

This type of retargeting works similar to display ad retargeting. One big advantage here is that you can run highly-targeted campaigns based on location, profession, lifestyle changes and other demographics.

You can use your own, segmented list and Facebook’s Custom Audiences to show ads to Facebook users on your list. You can also create a Facebook Lookalike Audience, people with similar demographics, lifestyles, etc., as your Custom Audience, to show ads to.

“We run our email and social media campaigns at the same time,” said Take 5’s Michael Boy. “You might see the branding in an email and not take action but if you see it in your social media feed you very well might take action. Most people trust taking action in social media. These ads are alongside a friend’s post in your feed and people interact with it as if it’s a post and not an email.”

There’s also the shareability factor of social media. “Someone will comment, share and like social media posts and they’re visible to that person’s group of friends. It’s free visibility to that person’s friends and people can tag other people within these ads, increasing the ads’ organic reach,” Boy noted.

You can also display messaging in social media that has more of an impact than email. You can’t playback a video in an email but when you reach someone with email and a social media ad that has a video or carousel images, “that’s very powerful,” Boy said.

Here’s a sample Take 5 social media ad, for a furniture retailer, that ran over the 4th of July holiday and also had an email campaign:

Retargeting works with Email marketing

The ad was shown 300,589 times with 149,888 people seeing it at least one time (some people saw it more than once). It garnered 1,057 clicks to the furniture retailer’s website. Other statistics, like total number of reactions (like, love, haha, wow, sad and angry are also available); this ad got 29 reactions.

This type of feedback is another advantage with social media retargeting. You can see if people like the ad, based on their reactions and comments, to determine if the message works and connects to the audience. You also get valuable demographic and other data from people engaging with these ads.

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Take 5 Media Group has over 15 years of email and digital marketing expertise. We’re also one of the nation’s leading compilers of consumer information and build audiences based on demographics, intent to buy, lifestyle changes and more.

We then use our innovative marketing channels, that include email, display ad and social media retargeting, influencer and content marketing and geo-fencing to get your message to these highly-targeted audiences.

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