Target In-Market Consumers Who Are Ready to Buy.

Life is like a road trip that’s mapped out with a series of stops along the way.  A “typical” person is expected to go to school, graduate, take some vacations, buy a car, get a job, get married, buy a home, start a family and so on.  You get the picture.

The journey is not free, but most people are highly-motivated consumers when it comes to purchasing the goods and services for life’s special events. Some digital marketing experts call them Super Responders.

Engaging these highly-sought-after consumers and influencing their purchasing decisions comes down to choosing the right audience and using the right channel at the right time. That’s where a knowledgeable big data company with the professional resources to segment reliably-sourced information comes into play.

At Take 5 Media Group, carefully-curated databases (also called audiences) associated with each of the 10 common lifestyle changes below illustrate the incomparable marketing power of knowing your customers well.

  1. Bridal – Newly Engaged Couples: Can anyone be more of a Super Responder than a young woman planning her wedding? This audience with wedding plans is a gold mine for sellers of everything from jewelry and bridal gowns to catering, wedding planning services, event venues, and the myriad of goods and services needed to tie the knot in style.
  2. Newlyweds: A magical but often stressful time in the lives of most couples, being a newlywed involves moving in together, buying things for a new home, buying a new car, financial planning and much more. This audience is customized for companies that sell everything a newly married customer may need.
  3. Prenatal: Take 5’s segmentation data is available by trimester, due date, age, gender, household income, credit cards, spending habits, presence of additional children and interests. This audience is used by clients who sell books for expectant couples, hospital and OB/GYN services, maternity clothing, vitamins and more.
  4. New Parents: Is any event more life changing than having a baby? This audience is a valuable resource for selling a wide range of goods and services, including furniture, infant clothing, toys, baby accessories (bottles, monitors, pacifiers, etc.), diapers and more. It also provides targeted outreach for pre-k schools, child care facilities and healthcare professionals.
  5. Parents with Teen Drivers: Targeting parents with kids who are age-appropriate to start driving, this audience contains strategic data for car dealers, driving schools and auto insurance companies.
  6. College-Bound Students and Parents: Sellers of products and services related to any aspect of going to college create marketing campaigns to engage the students and parents in this Take 5 audience. These Super Responders need everything from textbooks, office supplies and dorm accessories to moving services, truck rentals, real estate leasing and more.
  7. New Movers: With an audience of homeowner profiles who have recently listed their homes for sale and are looking to move within the next 12 months, moving companies, furniture stores, cable and internet providers and other relevant vendors can take an extremely targeted approach to generating business.
  8. Newly Divorced: If marriage is one of the happiest events in a person’s life, divorce can be one of the most painful, as it brings along many changes and adjustments. This audience is useful for clients who provide relocation services, legal counseling real estate leasing, credit counseling, debt consolidation, cable and connectivity services, home goods, bars and nightclubs for adult singles, online dating services, auto dealerships, and more.
  9. Automotive Intenders: Take 5 accesses data on 217 million vehicle owners with detailed information on their vehicle’s make, model, and year, as well as who owns multiple vehicles and 10.5 million confirmed auto shoppers. This proprietary database for auto marketers is ideal for reaching consumers who will be ready to purchase or lease a vehicle within 30-120 days.
  10. Automotive Off-Lease: This particular audience of 3 million+ prospects is customized for clients in the automotive industry targeting potential customers whose vehicle leases are about to expire.

All these predictable life changes are qualified opportunities for companies to fine-tune their marketing by choosing the right audience and using the right channel at the right time.  The Super Responders are waiting!

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We then use our innovative digital marketing channels – email, display ad and social media retargeting, geo-fencing and others – to get your message to those audiences.

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